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Office Cleaning Service London

With Ideal Services & Maintenance Ltd, you receive services adjusted to your budget, so you can no longer worry about costs. You only pay for the time we spend working, which depends on the frequencyyou want us to visit you and the scope of the clean-up.

Hourly rates provide greater flexibility than flat rates. Because of this, our office cleaners provide you with just the cleaning you need in a swift yet thorough manner. In simple terms, you only pay for the work we have performed. When we agree on 8 hours of office cleaning, you can rest assured that our team works diligently the entire duration of that time. All work is performed according to the schedule and special checklist to make sure every corner is checked and kept tidy. You get the results that you pay for!

Satisfied Clients every time

We believe that the quality of our services is enough to convince you to keep working with us. Which is why we have prepared shorter, three-month- long contracts instead of annual contracts.

Dedication and great communications

Before or during our cooperation you might have a number of questions to our office cleaners. To make sure they are all answered as soon as possible, you will be assigned a consultant, available from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Saturday. Feel free to contact us and clarify any issues you might have in mind. We guarantee that we’ll stick to the schedule! To raise the communication to an even higher level, we return all calls made after opening hours no later than 10 AM the following working day. When necessary, you or the team can contact the supervisor 24/7. Please keep in mind that we need to be informed about any cancelations at least 24 hours prior. Should you cancel later, we will charge you extra.

Constant quality control

Our supervisors make sure each office cleaning job is conducted according to the highest standards. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that the team doesn’t miss anything. It is rarely truly necessary, however, as our staff consists of experienced, trained professionals who know their job perfectly and provide our clients with quality service.

Tradition and a professional approach

At Ideal Services & Maintenance Ltd, we value tradition. For this reason our office cleaners are required to wear uniforms, as well as refrain from the following activities on the job:

  • smoking,
  • listening to music,
  • text-messaging,
  • using electronic devices for entertainment purposes,
  • performing phone calls (with the exception of professional matters at hand).

We will do the job you require of us quickly, thoroughly and professionally. Your trust is our highest priority and we make every effort to provide the services on the level you expect from us. Moreover, our office cleaning experts are a team of very amicable people who will approach each task with high energy.

Experienced team of office cleaners

Our industry is usually characterised by constant changes of personnel. However, one of our most important goals is to assign to each Client the same trusted people. Thanks to our efforts we have managed to build a strong group of employees who have been with our company for many years – and they are here to stay! However, there are emergency situations in which the employee who has always provided the service for you is not available at a given time (e.g. due to a holiday leave, personal reasons or others). When such an issue occurs, you can be sure that another professional that is just as experienced will take their place and do the job for them.

The services will always be conducted at the time and date we have agreed upon. If needed, our supervisors will assign the replacement employees to your building and organise their work until it is finished. The quality of our work will remain at a top level at all times, regardless of any circumstances. We work hard to meet your expectations every day.

Ready for everything!

Whenever our office cleaners encounter an unusual situation they are instructed to contact their supervisor with no delay and inform them about the situation. Such situations include:

  • locked doors to the part of the office that requires cleaning,
  • lights left on,
  • broken equipment/furniture etc.,
  • doors that should have been locked, left unlocked,
  • other irregularities.

You are informed about each of them by means of a special form we have prepared. It can be later reviewed and discussed if necessary. Such an approach gives you full control and knowledge on our work and any issues we might have encountered during office cleaning.

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Office Cleaning Service London

With Ideal Services & Maintenance Ltd, you receive services adjusted to your budget, so you can no longer worry about costs.

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