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Terms & conditions

Dear Customer,

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. It is the policy of IDEAL CLEANING SERVICES & MAINTENANCE LTD (ICSMLTD) and PERFECT CLEANING SERVICES  & MAINTENANCE LTD (PCSMLTD)to strictly enforce its Terms of Agreement in the event of any dispute.

You agree that any use of the services provided by ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD  constitute your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Our cleaning service ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD may be ordered by telephone or on-line and the client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

We can introduce office cleaners or housekeepers  at short notice. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized quality service for each individual client. Every  cleaner that we recommend is personally interviewed and references checked by us.

Customer agrees to provide a list of tasks and all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the required work, unless other arrangements have been made with  us .

All cleaning equipment should be safe and in full working order.

The client must allow the cleaner access to hot water and power. All fragile and breakable items must be secured or removed if that necessary.

Cleaner or housekeeper are not able to move heavy furniture whilst we clean your premises.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the cleaners have full access to the property being cleaned. Cleaners will not perform any deep clean requiring chemicals or specialized cleaning of any antique, delicate or valuable items. Fridges and freezers must be thoroughly defrosted and emptied before cleaning can commence. Kitchen cupboards must be emptied before cleaning can commence (if deep , or end of tenancy cleaning requested) It is always essential you or a member of your household is present at the start and end of a One-off clean to ensure that you are happy and point out areas you want specifically cleaned. We will not be  held liable for work not completed, or not completed to a good standard, if other people, or tradesmen are working in the same property when our cleaners are working and carrying out the job. If collection of keys is required from a location outside the postal code area of the cleaning scheduled, £20 charge will apply.



If not notified on time  we will not refund any deposit paid in advance or will charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the quoted price for the booked service. The cancellation notice period for 1 off commercial cleaning service, regular domestic cleaning service or any request for  re-schedule  is 48 hours .

The Client must pay us  any amounts that he/she/company owes under the agreement.

ICSMLTD and PCSMLTD reserves the right to cancel the cleaning service with immediate effect due to non payment.

ICSMLTD and  PCSMLTD reserves the right to withdraw the Services and /or to terminate The Contract at any time with one month written notice


  1. Our cleaning staff are not obliged to perform additional works which are not included in the contract. The client cannot instruct our staff to perform any additional works, change their hours of work or interfere in their methods of work without the agreement of ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD
  2. The customer agrees that after the termination of the cleaning service he/she will not hire or use any  office or domestic services provided by a past cleaner introduced to the customer by us ,if the customer does wish to hire or use commercial or  domestic services provided by such a cleaner than he/she must pay a referral fee of £1500.
  3. All cleaning personnel supplied to the Client are employees of  ICSMLTD and PCSMLTD
  4. Throughout the Agreement and for the period of three months following its termination for whatever reason the Client agrees to not to employ  or hire ,contact or otherwise engage any of our  personnel ,either directly or indirectly or through any third party.
  5. In the event of a breach of above clause and in addition to any remedies available to  ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD the Client shall pay to us  a fee equivalent to a full three month charge for the services



    1. The customer accepts and understands that poor service, breakage/damage or theft must be reported within 24 hours from our service date.
    2. No claims can be made against  ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD after the above time limits. In case of a complaint,
    3. ICSMLTD and  PCSMLTD required to be notified within 24 hours after the cleaning work completion. Claims will not be considered after the above time limit.If the client is dissatisfied with the work, a cleaner must be allowed to return and  re-do the job at no extra charge within 2 working days of receiving a complaint. The company will not normally refund any payment if it is not permitted to return to the client’s property to complete the job.  Refund will be issued only if the Client has cancelled a cleaning visit within the allowed time (24 hours) prior to the start of the cleaning session and a payment has been already taken by the Company.


  1. Any changes concerning the location of provision of services e.g. change of address, additional new areas, spaces, additional number of desks, exchange of locks, change of spatial arrangement, renovation or building works carried out at the place of provision of services by someone other than ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD  contractors and any other changes made during the duration of the contract shall be reported by the client to us, 14 days before their commencement or implementation, and if necessary, they shall be discussed.
  2.  ICSMLTD and  PCSMLTD reserves the right to provide a new quote for the services if during the duration of the contract the client implemented significant changes as specified in paragraph 1 and a new location or conditions of provision of services will require more time and resources. ICSMLTD and PCSMLTD may also reduce the costs of provision of services if the new quote allows for it.
  3. It will be our priority to find a solution which will be the most advantageous to the client, so that the new price is within the client’s budget. However if the client does not accept the new quote, we will accept their notice of termination of the contract, however paragraphs 5,6,7 included in the section ‘NOTICE OF TERMINATION’ will apply.
  4. We do not accept any complaints relating to the services if the above mentioned changes made by the client were not reported to and agreed with us.
  5. We will not be responsible for lower quality of the cleaned spaces and equipment if the Client hires a contractor other than  ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD for after-building cleaning or deep cleaning services.
  6. Should the conditions specified in paragraph 5 of the section ‘Claims’ apply, ICSMLTD and PCSMLTD reserves the right to provide a quote and carry out after-builders or deep cleaning services in order to bring back the proper standard of cleaning of the spaces and their equipment allowing to continue general cleaning service
  7. We may stop or suspend the delivery of general cleaning services if after-builders or deep cleaning service will be required following the building or renovation works carried out by the client
  8. During the suspension period the client shall pay as if the cleaning services were being provided unless  ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD is contracted to carry out the above mentioned services and to provide quotes for them at the same time.
  9. After-builders cleaning service, deep cleaning service or any cleaning service other than general cleaning service will be quoted separately, at the request of the client.
  10. Failure to report the exchange of locks, to deliver new keys for our employee will result in no cleaning services being provided, however the client will be charged for those services.
  11. We will deliver to the place of provision of services a daily cleaning schedule planned as part of the general cleaning service agreed with the client, if the terms and conditions of the contract provide for it.
  12. The client’s employees will cooperate so that the daily cleaning schedule could be implemented by the staff of ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD.
  13. If due to the client’s employees lack of cooperation the daily cleaning schedule is impeded or impossible to be implemented, we will not accept any complaints about low quality of work or failure to perform tasks.
  14. We will not be responsible for any waste collection services, recycling or its disposal unless the contract states otherwise. The client is responsible for providing the required waste bags, indicating the place they should be deposited as well as the date and time of their disposal.
  15. If our employee does not receive proper waste bags or recycling tapes from the client or any instructions with regard to putting the waste out and their disposal/storing, we shall not be responsible for the above mentioned shortcomings.
  16. Customer agrees to pay the full price of the cleaning visit in the event of a lock-out Caused by our cleaners being turned away, no one home to let them in or problem with customer’s keys. If keys are provided they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills. If an initial deposit has been paid to  us then the customer agrees that deposit funds may be used to cover the cancellation fee.



ICSMLTD and  PCSMLTD reserves the right not to be responsible if:

1. cleaning job not complete due to the lack of suitable cleaning materials and/or equipment in full working order, hot water or power;

2. third party entering or present at  the customer’s premises during the cleaning process;

3.wear or discolouring of fabric becoming more visible once dirt has been removed;

4. failing to remove old/permanent stains that cannot be removed using standard carpet cleaning methods.

5. existing damage or spillage that cannot be cleaned/removed completely using provided by the customer cleaning materials and equipment or standard carpet cleaning equipment

6. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value, art and antiques.

7. accidental damages worth £200.00 or less; any accidental damages caused by our cleaners if the customer has an unpaid balance owed to us

We  shall not be liable for the shrinkage of carpets as a result of natural fibre carpets being wet cleaned.

We shall not be liable for the shrinkage of carpets as a result of poor fitting.

We shall not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of  the Client placing furniture on a carpet which has not completely dried

The standard end of tenancy cleaning does not include cleaning of walls,ceilings, curtains, balconies, patios, exterior  windows and carpets. If the Client requires cleaning of walls then ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD  cannot be held responsible for any unsuccessful results or any damage caused to the paintwork.

Wherever cleaning chemicals are being used, other users of the building should be excluded from the area while cleaning is in progress. Cleaning chemicals, cleaning products and potentially dangerous equipment should only be used by our appropriately trained cleaning personnel
Our cleaning personnel are trained in the use of equipment and cleaning products to follow manufacturers’ or suppliers’ usage guidelines
As per above In no event shall we PSCMLTD and ICSMLTD be liable for any claims, penalties, loss, damage or expenses, howsoever arising, out of or in connection with use of the supplies and cleaning materials for the execution of the cleaning service, including, without limitation, direct or indirect loss, consequential loss or damage, loss of profit or goodwill, loss of data, loss arising from use or inability to use supplies or cleaning materials.


    1. The equipment belonging to us, delivered to the  client’s location cannot be used or lent to anyone except the representatives of ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD.
    2. We will be not responsible for any accidents/incidents involving our own equipment if third party will use it without our knowledge and permission
    3. If the above mentioned equipment or any of its part is damaged, worn out or lost, the Client shall be fully financially responsible for the recovery of any losses incurred.
    4. We will issue an invoice specifying the amount of the loss incurred and will send it to the client. The payment must be made within 48 hours from the receipt of this invoice.
    5. If the contract provides that we will be using the client’s equipment, the Client is responsible for servicing and repairing the equipment and devices and conducting periodical checks to ensure that the equipment meets the health and safety requirements and is in good working order.
    6.  ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD will be required to report any damage or failure of the equipment it was entrusted with by the client and to use it in accordance with its intended purpose and H&S provisions.

Notice of termination of a contract

1.The Client may terminate the contract for services by giving 2-months’ written notice (by letter or email) only in the event of the following circumstances:

a.Client shuts down a location to which  ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD provides its services,

b.the Client relocates an office to which services are provided to a place where ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD would not be able to continue to provide its services,

c.if ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD  regularly breaches the terms and conditions for provision of services referred to in the contract (which must be supported by information/records sent by email or post and  sent/received by us),

d.information included in the communication record book will not be accepted as proof of breach of the terms and conditions of the contract. The communication record book is only used as a form of communication between the office administrator and (an) employee/s of ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD .

2.We will only accept complaints which are made within 24 hours from their actual occurrence. Any complaints made after this time will not be accepted.

3.Any complaints concerning minor failures in respect of the tasks included in the cleaning schedule, e.g.: failure to empty a bin, poor polishing of a surface or poor performance of other daily tasks included in the service, will not constitute a ground to terminate the contract and shall be immediately reported to and discussed with us.

4.If ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD declares that it is unable to remedy the failures, then by mutual agreement of the parties, this will constitute a ground to terminate the contract.

5.The contract can be terminated under paragraph a, paragraph b and paragraph c only by giving two months’ notice, taking into account the first day of the next period of provision of services in the event of a fixed or rolling contract.

6.If a notice of termination is not given in accordance with the above terms (e.g.: points a,b,c) or less than two months before the commencement of a new period of provision of service, the Client shall continue to use the service or if it is impossible, pay for the full 12-month period of service, counting from the date of the notice of termination.

7.Each new period of provision of services starting automatically after the date agreed in a fixed contract or if the contract turns into a rolling contract after the date agreed in the fixed contract, lasts 1 Year.


Cleaning schedule

  1. The cleaning schedule is an internal document of ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD and does not constitute a part of the contract unless the contract specifies otherwise.
  2. The cleaning Schedule is the sole property of ICSMLTD or PCSMLTD  and may be modified only by us.
  3. If the cleaning schedule is not included or specified as an integral part of the contract, it cannot be treated as the terms and conditions of that contract.
  4. The client may ask us to modify the cleaning schedule but it must be accepted and implemented by us within not less than 14 days

Payment methods and terms


Payment is requested on completion on the day of 1- off cleaning or housekeeping service, unless other arrangements have been made with us Payment can be made in cash or bank transfer.

In event of cancellation notice being given for regular and commercial cleaning service ,payment is required in 24 hours after last day of cleaning service, no 14 days after invoice  period  is accepted. 

The Customer agrees that any outstanding amount owed to us  can be charged from the debit/credit card the customer has provided at the time of the booking.

Customer understands that any ‘late payments’ may be subject to additional charges. If payment is not made after  24 hours of invoice then the account will be passed to our collections agency, after which a charge of 15% on top of the initial invoice due, will be added to the debt. You agree as part of this contract to pay this sum which represents our reasonable costs in collecting the unpaid amounts.

We will collect any outstanding monies owed to us. If as a result we have to use a debt collecting agency or county court to secure payment, you agree to pay any debt collecting agency fees, court fees, legal cost, or interest that will occur due to the result of nonpayment of your outstanding bill.

ICSMLTD and  PCSMLTD reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.