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Offices healthy environment.

Offices healthy environment.
15th November 2017

Offices healthy environment is created by London Offices Cleaning on every day in many locations.

For many our clients the main question when we do estimate cleaning service for their new or current office is: “why we need that frequency of cleaning, we think that this is to much, can you clean once per week, can you reduce a time for cleaners, why they need to attend several times per week”?
We do understand that budget is a crucial component for any business, but to be honest spending’s for cleaning service it is absolutely extremely important and definitely will pay back.
During the summer or winter THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRUSIAL!!!! to get right frequency as the frequency will give the assurance that all important cleaning points will be implemented and executed without “cutting the corners”.
Why do we need to Clean and Disinfect in the office? Cleaning and disinfection are vitally important for a number of reasons: To prevent food poisoning in office kitchen, in office rooms proper cleaning and disinfection will facilitate the removal of harmful bacteria from desks surfaces and equipment as pc keyboards, mouse, light switches, door handles, rails, in toilets as you can imagine we have also points to clean and disinfect. Ideal Services&Maintenance Ltd always tailor a very individual and unique cleaning plan for each customer, to make sure the cleaning team will reach all cleaning points, the frequency for cleaning desks, fridge, door handles and top of the shelving units will keep them in perfect cleaning standards at all the time. Fantastic input from Fact-Homes team
By frequent office cleaning we will help to reduce the risk of infection, first simple example: removing dust will facilitate the removal of allergy factors which are very common and if present leads to the sneezing what again is nothing else than spreading germs on your team at effect, number of absent people affect delays in delivering team projects and productivity in general. Frequent hoovering is very important to keep nice and fresh air in the office rooms, air condition plus not properly vacuum cleaned surfaces of the floors hard or carpeted, will create very unhealthy environment and working people suffering from allergy, will be very distracted, not productive and tired.
The right cleaning schedule with smart cleaning plan will compromise all cleaning points within your office, please make sure that your cleaning team or single operative have enough time to execute what is planned for the day, balance between time for the cleaning session and number of cleaning operations is very important as every operation need some time to complete, cleaning or polishing in rush will affect quality and this leads to poor cleaning standards. Giving to your cleaners enough time will guarantee great office presentation and will keep premises in great cleaning standards also your team will be happier to work in nice, fresh and clean place. We also use the business Software for cleaning Company which helps us to be 100% organized for our clients.