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19th January 2018

“Cleaners please clean my desk”, “Dusty desks and not well vacuum cleaned floors”

Above sentences or comments are very common or let say popular in many communication record books at serviced offices. Above problem was also a component of London Offices Cleaning work for our customers several years ago and we put a lot of effort to resolve this.

Our first task was to identify why from time to time our area managers  received similar request or complaints, why office cleaners are not cleaning and sanitizing customers desk properly, what cause the problem? Dump wiping desk shall be and should be a very simply and straight forward office cleaning task for any cleaner, even trainee.

The outcome after completing several audits was very obvious: Customers desks are covered in many cases by paperwork memorabilia, small objects, books, all sorts of personal


items ,pic above

which can not be removed by the office cleaning operatives due to contract agreements also, we had no any agreement in place stating that desks and surfaces shall be once a week uncovered by the customers for the routine office cleaning purposes.

The same situation we experienced when we started investigating poor vacuum cleaning under desks , again customers files, paperwork, boxes, umbrellas, footwear, bags and many more items caused problems under desks spaces, where no vacuum cleaner end can operate due to such obstruction The pictures shows the nature of the problem.picIMG_0243

After all hard work we done by creating and implementing right cleaning programs and communication level with our customers, London Offices Cleaning finally have achieved a good level of co-operation between office teams and our cleaning operatives. Our smart office cleaning programs available in offices, simply letting know our customers when, during the week, we will need their desk to be freed from paper work, also informing about health and safety issues as if their under-desk spaces are obstructed it may cause problems such as dust cumulation, allergy component present, fire risk also risk of accident. It is happening from time to time that some desks are still not ready for us to be cleaned and for those we are leaving laminate reminder to get it ready for another day, the laminating leaflet picIMG_3446 also was a good invention from our supervisors to help execute our cleaning programs. We involved office administrators and managers to remind the office teams about desk cleaning and not leaving any items under desks,

Please have a look how our customers getting ready their desks to be polished just before finish working day at their office.pic bellow

Thanks to many similar, described above problems, solved by creating smart cleaning schedules, great, constant communication wiDESK th our customers and frequent quality check on our sites, London Offices Cleaning has evolved over last 7 years from very small office cleaning company to a strong London based family company with a corporate approach to delivering a high quality cleaning service.