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    At London Cleaning Service, we prioritize maintaining constant communication with our clients and have an impressive 99.8% rate of meeting deadlines. Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t impose fixed contracts. Instead, we offer flexible monthly rolling agreements, providing our customers with the freedom to choose. You won’t find lower prices anywhere else in the market, as we always strive to offer cost-effective and highly competitive pricing.

    When it comes to consistency and reliability, we assign the same cleaning operative or team to each office, ensuring familiarity and personalized service. Our weekly cleaning schedule is always tailored to meet the specific requirements agreed upon with the client in advance. Rest assured, any keys or alarm devices provided are securely stored and accessible 24/7.

    Emergencies can arise, but that won’t hinder our commitment to completing cleaning jobs. We always have backup coverage available, guaranteeing uninterrupted service. Our dedicated cleaning manager is on-call 24/7, ready to assist whenever needed.