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20th July 2020
  • Cleaning Service / London

  • Cleaning Service / London


  • Cleaning Service / London

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  • Cleaning Service / London

    London Offices Cleaning

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Cleaning Service / London
Commercial Cleaning / Office Cleaning


Office Cleaning London- a well-respected office or commercial area is nothing without proper commercial cleaning. London Offices Cleaning is a well-known, reliable and professional cleaning company, our dedicated office cleaners, perform tasks that will keep your premises safe and tidy also your employees happy and healthy.

What we offer?

We offer a broad range of commercial cleaning services including special treatment to make sure your premises are SHIELDED AND 100% COVID-19 FREE Having above in mind our company London Offices Cleaning become an IRSP Certified Installer of Antimicrobial Coating.

The game-changer treatment is implemented during office cleaning service active, lasting for 90 days!!!, do not evaporate, bonds to the surfaces and actively shield any floor surface, carpet, door handles, keyboards,pc screens, upholstery, sinks, against enveloped viruses as COVID-19

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Cleaning Service / London


  • The same cleaning operative or team for one office
  • The weekly cleaning schedule is always implemented according to prior arrangements with the client
  • Any keys and alarm devices are always safely stored and available 24/7
  • We never cancel any cleaning jobs – in the case of an emergency, we always have cover
  • Cleaning manager available on-call 24/7 to help

Cleaning Service / London


  • Lose any keys
  • Fail to turn on alarms
  • Fail to close the office
  • Be late for work
  • Shorten the cleaning sessions
  • Postpone our work to another time

Cleaning Service / London


  • The needs of the clients and their working hours
  • The extent of the services requested by the client
  • The budget established at the beginning

Cleaning Service / London


  • Fail to clean desks thoroughly
  • Look over places that aren’t easily accessible
  • Use telephones during work
  • We will never reject your plea for help!
  • We will never leave your office without planning the delivery of toiletries
  • Not respond to your query for longer than 5 hours

The best choice you can make- Office Cleaning London

We are a unique company in London outstanding from other companies that do not have quite as much expertise in the field of cleaning (including planning choosing the right cleaning agents that are completely eco-friendly and many others). We stay maintain constant contact with our clients and we have a 99.8% deadline meeting rate.

Cleaning Service / London

Cleaning Service / London

Wherever you are, we’re here for you

Our services (Office Cleaning London) are available at fantastic prices. We are geared towards small and mid-sized professional offices, business locations, and private homes throughout London, Surrey, and Middlesex. We also possess a division in Northampton!

Office Cleaning London

Commercial cleaning services

We offer a broad range of commercial cleaning services. Regardless of the type of your business, we perform tasks that will keep your company tidy.

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Daily Office cleaning

Need someone to take care of cleaning your office daily? We can do just that. Our comprehensive office cleaning services are available on a daily basis.

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Commercial window cleaning

We provide window cleaning services of the highest standards. No matter what your specific needs may be – we will meet them.

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Office electrical equipment cleaning

Need a professional means of cleaning all those loose cables, monitors, and other electrical equipment? Give us a call.

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Retail Cleaning service

Our cleaner’s knowledge, experience and expertise are very important for maintaining brands reputation.

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Carpet cleaning

We possess just the right equipment to keep a carpet clean, as well as people trained to use them effectively.

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Residential common areas

We can also take care of commercial common areas to make your living space just that much more comfortable.

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Domestic cleaning

Leave your home cleaning to us! Our professional staff will make your home so clean you could swear it was new.

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Our clients say

Cleaning Service / London

“We are incredibly pleased with the services provided by London Offices Cleaning. The cleaners always arrive on time. They aren’t disruptive, they work incredibly efficiently, and the results are always stellar.”

Clay & Gemma

Cleaning Service / London

“The cleaners from London Offices Cleaning do an excellent job of cleaning up our house. Not only can they reach spots that we would normally be unable to reach, thanks to their equipment, but whatever they do with carpets is just pure magic!”


Cleaning Service / London

“Rain or shine,London Offices Cleaning always arrive on time to keep our offices fresh and clean! They do an amazing job – all dust and dirt is taken care of in an instant.”



Cleaning Service / London

“London Offices Cleaning offer a consistently high standard of service. We have employed their services for some time now and they have never failed us. We highly recommend their services.”


Cleaning Service / London

“Very professional service. Cleaners from London Offices Cleaning always arrive on time and always perform their job efficiently and thoroughly.”


Cleaning Service / London

“Scheduling an appointment with London Offices Cleaning is no problem at all and the crew always arrives on time, cleaning everything we ask them to very thoroughly. We couldn’t imagine a better cleaning service.”


Cleaning Service / LondonCleaning Service / LondonCleaning Service / LondonCleaning Service / LondonCleaning Service / LondonCleaning Service / London